Private as in property or private as in proprietary?

Ownership is the new black.  That is, in terms of information products.

WordPress is a good example–I have this site, hosted by WP on their servers, thank you very much.   I also have my own rented server which I am currently blogging with Drupal.  So, on one hand, I have the convenience of a combined server and blogging package, managed by the folks at WordPress, while on the other, I put the package together myself and learned all the configuration and details (and mistakes) and take care of it myself with my own lack-of-IT-experience self.

Now, which should I use?

On the side of “private as in property” I have my own site.  I maintain the product, from beginning to end.  I am the keeper of my own content.  I control where the content begins and ends and how it is presented.  No product placement, no special features, I manage all the spam, security flaws, email, and added features.  Site goes down, my fault.

On the side of “private as in proprietary” is WordPress’ .com site.  Here’s the convenience factor–turn my site over to the WordPress team to maintain and stabilize (and help me be part of a group of other like-minded users), keep the software up to date and bug-free, with lots of added administrative management options, and advanced features pre-loaded.

It’s kind of like a shop in the mall versus a shop on the street, but the content stays when you move out.  I’m wondering which has a better future, and which is more convenient.  Fortunately, I can afford either, so that’s not a problem.  Which would you choose?

3 thoughts on “Private as in property or private as in proprietary?

  1. good question. I really like wordpress’s free service, I like enough that if I hadn’t paid I may have just gone with it. The only main plus for me is the expandability – ie the design and the plugins. But those are things you can do with out – I’ve had alot of headaches because of those freedoms too.

    So in a toss up – I’d go with free wordpress…but that’s just me.

  2. I feel my age at this point–I never had a LiveJournal to let go of and move on. I never had a Friendster account which I invested my time in only to have it shoved aside by MySpace or Facebook. Somehow, my Yahoo! account has never gone away (I think I’m one of the few who have an eight-letter account name without any numbers, dots, or dashes), and I can’t seem to part from it though I never check my mail there anymore. Somehow I feel attached to these first few blogs I’ve done in the past year–can I abandon my first and know that there will never be another like it? Sigh.

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