Stupid stuff

Okay, so here’s the thing–I love Will Ferrell.  I love Ben Stiller.  I love man-child humor of the most extreme kind.  I admit it.  Somehow it strikes that funny bone in my body that is also struck by animal accidents (a la the cat falling into the toilet).  Somehow it’s about life just not being as mature as it always should be as an adult.

So comes  I know it’s a gag site full of silly trinkets, but when I found out about the “Mr. T-In-Your-Pocket,” I ordered three.  Yes, three.  I couldn’t help it–one for a co-worker who says, “Stop all that jibba jabba!” once in a while to a group of 8-year olds as a joke and two for, oh, the occasional joke gift TBA.  Then I came across items such as the “Corporate Whore Wristband,” “The Miraculous Egg Plant,” and “The Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure.” So at least I didn’t spend my entire paycheck–but it was that same kind of laughter.  I hope it’s funny later when it arrives.