Upgrading backwards

It’s like a curse. Microsoft has re-entered my life in an unavoidable upgrade to the Motorola Q phone I just got as part of Motorola Q phonemy re-enlistment into the Verizon network. It’s running Windows Mobile 5.0 and has lots of cool features, but guess whose email program/calendaring software will run on it? I have had to switch back to the dreaded Office Suite from my own M$-less world of the past.

Even though I’m in San Francicsco, sometimes I feel like I live in Nebraska–there’s only one wireless carrier that I can get inside my building, and that dictates my phone choice. I wanted a phone upgrade to combine the Palm PDA which I have with my phone, so I don’t have to carry two things. The sexy sell was that the Q was $99, around $200 less than any other device and it has Bluetooth. I constantly break the wired-headsets as I carry them around in my bag and the wire usually bends too much, so, hey wireless and reliability (so far).

Anyway, converting email from one program (Thunderbird) to the next (Outlook) is like a Beta-VHS battle. I spent around 4 hours find the program that would do it. I remembered switching to Thunderbird and saying, “Well, I’ll never go back, so all this effort is worth it!” Alas, alack, two years down the track, I’m back.

But, I must confess, I don’ t miss switching from separate calendaring software and email software.  Outlook syncs up well, and everything is easy to back up now.  Simplicity and function and all in one spot.