Keeping track of reading

I guess it’s no surprise, I read a lot. Unfortunately, I read all sorts of things that go unaccounted for, so when people ask, “What are you reading?” or “What have you read lately that’s good?” I usually am mixing book reviews liberally with what I have actually read. It’s a bit like DJ’s–no one really has time to listen to all that much music, but if you add reading to it, plus “dropping the needle” on a few tracks to see what they’re like, while adding in some additional information and insights from friends who recommend, plus the “guilty by association” qualities such as the publisher and author’s past works–you can make some pretty good estimates before you open it up.

So, now that I’ve begun keeping track of my reading on LibraryThing, I can see how much it really does add up. I’m remembering a site I saw way back called What I Have Read Since 1974 which I found incredibly awesome. Not only does he keep track of what, but when and where. If you’re a book addict, this site is the coolest. It’s a giant list which, if you read it carefully, you see the mnemonic stream of his life–his facination with certain genres in childhood which led to his eventual future become clear. Amazing.

I don’t think I’ll ever get to this point, but it’s going to be cool to see if LibraryThing pans out for the future, as it will be the coolest thing to see what I’m like over the next 30+ years via my reading!