Crack in the neighborhood

I came down to the garage to hop on my motorbike yesterday and discovered the spark plug caps had been smashed off.  Now, I know this phenomenon exists in certain parts of the city where crack is notoriously smoked, as the ceramic insulators are used for smoking rock, but I live in an apartment complex and this type of thing is usually a street-parking crime.  I was surprised and upset not because of the crime (it took me a few hours to go get some new plugs and reinstall them, though some of the air vent fins are irreparably smashed) but because of what it meant.  Someone in our building is smoking crack, literally, and now they are so desparate that they’re committing petty crimes like this.  Thsi does not bode well.

Apparently some other vehicles around our parking spot were also vandalized, so we know the user is in a hurry, meaning they’re desperate for a high.  Also not good.  This kind of crime, to me, means they are also going to be probably dangerous since they are hardly being sneaky.  I notified the manager and filed a police report.  I’ve also noticed that neighborhood car windows are being smashed almost nightly.

Drugs are bad, but bad drug use is really bad.

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