Obama in Oaktown

So, I’m cashing in my chips now…I’m going for Obama. I’ve already read his book, I’ve viewed his webcasts, read his policies, and particularly focused on his views on religion which I found surprising and, gasp, refreshing. He’s an exciting speaker–eloquent, disciplined, with clear leadership qualities. What I think he has going for him: internationalism (he’s lived in more time zones than I have), youth and freshness (and the clear eyesight that precludes doctrine we’ve witnessed for the past seven years), excitement (the youth vote), and potential for greatness. He lacks the baggage, packs the credentials to handle the job.

The obstacles: see the above, and add a few more, such as the curse of “Senators never win” (with the exception of JFK), a Democrat not from the South (again with the exception of JFK), and his, yes, sense of humor. I wouldn’t say he’s got the “gosh, gee” factor down that I usually associate with the “average Joe” vote that Bill Clinton captured (Big Mac, his favorite food, and oh, that Southern charm and wit), but he seems more like a composite of Carter and JFK–clear and focused, attentive, yet strong and decisive, and, to boot, he has served on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, not too shabby. And check out his “Floor Statement on Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007”. You could call him opportunistic, if it wasn’t that he was never for the war in the first place.

Why am I convinced so early? I’m not sure–he just has all the qualities I’m looking for. What about experience? To wit: didn’t they say that about all the Democrats who’ve been elected since 1960? And they won.

So, he’s in Oakland this Saturday and I’ve volunteered to help him do it–am I too soon? Obama in ‘08