Holds @your library vs. private ownership

I’m waiting just like everyone else, apparently, for Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 at the Peninsula Library System. It’s got 20 holds on the next available copy, sheesh. I’m all for being patient, but I think the fourth season will start before I finish the second and that just doesn’t seem right.

Enter iTunes. Over my sick-break six weeks ago, I got addicted to BG and have been trying to kick the habit. It’s scary how much serialized t.v. I can watch in one sitting. So I took it easy, I just downloaded one episode per day (at $1.99 each) and figured, hey, when I get well, I’ll go to the library and get the whole season. And that’s what I did–bought four episodes, then went to the library. Now, it seems, everyone is onto my plot–no more available copies. I even went outside the SFPL system and paid $0.75 for the hold at PLS just to get it more quickly, and now I’m down to number 20 in the queue. Is it back to iTunes, or patiently wait like all the other library users? Either way, I still owe $0.75 for placing the hold…

2 thoughts on “Holds @your library vs. private ownership

  1. Actually, PLS is right next door, so I use them–another county, so I have to pay the $ for any extra services like holds. But it’s worth it, as Burlingame, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley towns etc. pour money into them by the buckets. Hence, the amazing collection development budget. Netflix who?!

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