Earthquakes and electronics–hooray for portable solar power!

You get used to thinking about emergency preparedness in regards to earthquakes. I’m so glad to work in an environment that creates a plan for this–stored clothing, food, and water for three days. It makes me feel a lot safer, considering that I may have to stay there while my wife is at her job as well.

But it was Wess who got me intrigued about electronics and power outages. He showed me his Solio a few weeks back during his trip to Quaker Heritage Day and I didn’t really think too much about it. Seemed kind of gadget-y and, to be honest, I thought it wasn’t really all that important. Living in an urban area, you take power access for granted, really. Then it hit me–it’s for juice in any situation for any device that has, more or less, become part of my life.

Having a cell phone-only house, we’d need power to communicate to our families we’re okay during an emergency. It’s a great way to take care of my equipment while traveling–to another country, where the power sources aren’t matched up with my equipment, voltage-wise. It’s also a hit when camping or on the road. Stuff the car-charger! Hooray for solar!