Do you know what it means (to miss New Orleans)?

Looks like I’ll be headed back to New Orleans, again, this summer. Who knew it would call me back? Somehow I knew when I was there that it would be hard to ignore the difficulties I saw after heading home. The ongoing saga of its recovery seems to have become entwined in the Al Gore docudrama on global warming which predicts dire straits for the future of cities already engulfed by water. Naturally, this doesn’t help the recovery effort if people think it’s a lost cause. But that’s not for me to worry about–I’m headed back to help with the St. Bernard Project in June with a few other teachers from my school.

This seems to be part of so many aspects of my work, and the connection contains some serendipity. One of the teachers simply put out an email asking if anyone wanted to participate in the rebuild this summer, and I responded. This project clicked into the school’s Quaker practice of service, as well as my own connection to my own Meeting’s Peace and Social Concerns work.

No doubt it’s going to be tough work–June in NOLA means tropical conditions–but the connection is too strong to ignore.  If you want to help, you can buy a Home Depot card for me to bring to help support our supplies needs for the families we’ll be helping.  Just let me know–I’ll do the work!