Digital silence: Quaker tech

As technology enhances and shapes our world view, I’m constantly questioning its effects on Quakerism and Quaker practice.

One shift in my job environment next year is that I’ll be eminently surrounded by classes of 6- through 10-year olds on all sides of my office. I’m looking into ways of coping with the noise levels and am specifically looking at purchasing the Bose QuietComfort2 noise-canceling headphones as a way to help my concentration. Is this avoiding the practice of quiet and the effort it takes to center oneself by using technology or is this avoiding the issue of being in the world?

Of course, in our world today, I can also take my laptop elsewhere in the building, so I guess it’s avoidance as well…

UPDATE: I may augment the word “silence” here to mean “reduced ambient noise” as it seems the headphones filter out some noise but you can still hear certain ranges of the audio spectrum.  I’m trying them out today with construction going on–not necessarily kids, but, I’m sure it’s better than turning up my music.