Another Deee-Lite/Quakers connection

I’m picking up some new lyrics via my new headphones and, lo and behold, Quakers appear inside the Deee-Lite song “I.F.O.”!:

“I.F.O., Whaddaya know? We’re from the South
Will we ever get a chance to go far north?
What is far north to us? New York!
You spoke before,
I reach back, like Solomon Bell (?)
You’re from another planet if I can tell,
People from the planets working up a sweat,
So y’all come to my place, check out the style
We’ll come to your planet, check out the space
It’s like the relationship between slaves and Quakers,
If we need to run away, we got a place to stay,
Ya’ll are Identified Flying Objects,
More than just an object, you’re flying people,
Flying on the side of good not evil,
Two planets united bringing power to the people!”

Way to go Arrested Development and Deee-Lite!