Reporting from Thailand

So we landed this morning around 2am, Bangkok time.  It was a pretty decent trip, considering we had one layover for about an hour in Taipei, and were on the road for around 24 hours from SFO to BKK.  Not bad.

I’m in this paid-library space called the Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park) which you have to pay, like $2, to come in and use their collection.  They’ve got Internet computers, books (according to Dewey system numbers, yeah!), magazines, a cafe, and a music center.  It’s very clean and quiet, but the physical layout is pretty crammed with stuff so it’s hard to move around.  It’s almost what I think a library that’s well funded should be like, but with fees–I’m paying around $1/hour for Internet.  It’s in a shopping mall on the top floor (excellent views) and near a lot of schools.  I wonder how this will survive as a concept?