The rain, the rain and the slow boat

When traveling in low season, rain is part of the deal.

As I type this, I’m watching some German tourists trying to take a speedboat back to the mainland from Ko Mak and it’s going to rain.  I mean, 20 minutes ago it was bright sunshine, waters like the Mediterranean blue, and calm.  Now the winds have picked up, cloudcover ensuing, and thunder.  They’re out on the pier through all of this, with a 2 hour speedboat ride ahead of them without cover.  Hope your luggage is waterproof!

Yesterday, our trip over from Laem Ngop was super–a transfer boat rigged with deckchairs and blue raincover tarp–we chugged along for three hours and then took a long ride over some tough roads to the far side where we stayed at Ko Mak Resort.  Beach out front with a view to die for, sterling low-season prices, and only two other families here.  Looks like we’ll scavenge for an umbrella and take a walk.

With the weather and the low season, however, travel times and routes are intermittent.  We might make it back to mainland tomorrow, maybe on Monday…it all depends on whos is going when and how.  As the locals say, “sabai, sabai” (take it easy).

One thought on “The rain, the rain and the slow boat

  1. It sounds like staying dry and watching others try to navigate that climate and weather is great fun! Is is hot there at the beach…any breeze???

    Saw The History Boys tonight on Netflix movie. It is WONDERFUL writing. See that when you get back!!

    Love, MOM

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