Bicycling your way out of SF

So, it’s goodbye to my friend, Jason, who leaves for Minneapolis with his family–one more to leave for a home that costs half the price, some land, and weather that sucks :-). And last night was his last Critical Mass ride and he went out with a bang; he somehow raced to the front of over 200 cyclists and wrangled control of the Mass to steer them for about two turns, then lost control. It was a beautiful thing.

Strangely, this week, I seem to have seen not one, but TWO bicyclists riding on the freeway. Despite the signs, the highway patrol, and, simply common sense, it seems these rebels are either 1) realizing this is the fastest way to get from place to place and ignoring reason or 2) crazy. I’ve never seen this before in my life and, in one week, have seen it twice. Neither was wearing a helmet and was riding a mountain bike. I’m wondering if the word of mouth is getting out that it’s okay to do this. I hope not.

And, crazier still, the Mass kept zooming around South of Market last night encountering on-ramps to the freeway. It was a strange coincidence that the Bay Bridge was closed for Labor Day weekend and it rippled through the Mass that it would be cool to go on up to the freeway where no cars would be. Umm…yeah, cool except that 1) you’d have to turn around and come back after riding one way (boring!) and 2) the cops were there for, as one rider put it, “a serious beatdown” if you tried it. The message? Take control of the city streets in protest, but don’t f*ck with the freeway. Actually, since it’s an interstate I’m guessing it might be a federal offense. Yikes.

Congrats, Jason! You’re free to roam the about the country!