St. Bernard Project needs you!

This is per an SOS call from one of the founders, Zack Rosenburg, who sent a request for volunteers to me via email…

“We hope that the world is treating you well. We write to ask for your help. And no, we are not asking for money. We are in desperate need of volunteers. As you know, there is an incredible amount of work to be done in St. Bernard. That work won’t get done without volunteers – people like you, whose commitment to rebuilding is strong.

“In September, we have an average of 8 volunteers each day. We are back to better (but optimal) numbers in October. But we are at crisis stage now. Residents need to move home, and with volunteers we can rebuild their homes and help them move home.”

Anyone wanting some service hour credits to put toward their graduation, or who want to help out with this awesome project in the much cooler months than when we visited should go to the St. Bernard Project website and buy a plane ticket ASAP (Southwest out of SFO, anyone?)

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