Lots o’ docs coming up this month (and next):

*at CCSF on Wednesday, September 26, 7pm in Rosenberg Library, Rm. 304–director Les Blank with Gina Leibrecht showing their new film All In This Tea, a doc on what goes into your cup and where it comes from

*Friday, Sept. 28 at the Roxie will be the start of DocFest and, at 7pm, will feature What Would Jesus Buy?

*Sunday, Sept 30th 12:30pm at the Roxie will feature Buddha’s Lost Children about the sub-culture in Thailand’s (former) Golden Triangle and, later, at 5pm WTF: An Okaymentary about the reality of community-building in an online environment

*at CCSF on Wednesday, October 3rd, Soldiers of Conscience is based on the capturing the conflicts the soldiers experience over killing in Iraq

*Sunday, October 7, 2:45pm at the Roxie will be Ghosts and Numbers, “a fantastic meditation on Thai encounters with the spirit world and the world of numbers, as these intersect in unexpected ways.”

*Sunday, October 7th, 5pm at the Roxie is Off the Grid: On the Mesa about a group of Americans living in the Southwest set apart from organized law and order

I still have another doc to choose after getting the 5-day pass.  Hope I can handle all of this good stuff!