IL 2007

We’re learning about some technologies used for podcasting and videoblogging with tools like Audacity (for audio) and creating video as well.  It should be on BlipTv once we’re finished. Some tools we’re using for video include Photobooth (in Leopard) , iMovie, to do the editing.
Uploading video requires some time on slower computers, but basically capturing the video from DV takes a longer time to upload than sliding in a card
I think I’ll try a podcast tonight to see if I can post it here from practice..


If you want me to tear up, just get me to listen to NPR’s StoryCorps in the morning. The story of an actor coping with and learning to appreciate his stutter, a woman in Utah helping a POW from World War II, and a story on friendship. Housed at the Library of Congress, this project seems to be a merger of A Prairie Home Companion, Studs Terkel, and Raymond Chandler stories. Subscribe to their podcast via iTunes or listen online and be sure to have a tissue box to help you with the beauty.

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