The Bible, aloud and African-American

I’m not any sort of Bible authority, but the Bible Experience: The Complete Bible looks like an excellent addition to the genre of Bible-readings. As with PRI’s To The Best of Our Knowledge, I am both impressed at its efforts to bridge the many divides–across the American cultural groups, between Hollywood and Christians, and across the generations of Americans. See this:

“We have a sight and sound generation who is not accustomed to the language of the Bible…so, to listen to it, while you multi-task is a more convenient and generational way to ingest in God’s word,” says the producer, Kyle Bowser.

While I, myself, am not rushing out to buy this for my friends, it seems like a great addition to a library, a tool for use in Bible study, as well as a way to compare your inner-voice with an audiobook interpretation.  Angela Bassett as the voice of an archangel, Samuel Jackson as the voice of the Lord, and Blaire Underwood as Jesus.