Stormy tech

Well, the storm got me. Today, around eight o’clock, power was out in the building meaning no heat, no hot shower, and, gasp, no computer!

Fortunately the XO laptop arrived yesterday! This won’t win any speed awards, and the mini-keyboard practically means learning to type again (two-finger typists will have thier revenge), but this is perfect for emergencies. bonus points for ease of transport, battery life, and sheer durability (weather resistant components) . Huzzah!

One thought on “Stormy tech

  1. haha ive gotten used to the two finger keyboards here lately. I dont know much about the XO laptops, but I hope you enjoy yours. Maybe you should write a blog about the advantages of one sometime. I’d like to read that! Hey i just wrote something new. check it out if you get time. otherwise, later bud

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