Angel and the Badman (and other Quaker movies)

A while ago, I wrote about Quakers in the media, a quest I went on for a few months while subscribing to GreenCine’s movie service and armed with my library card.  I thought I did pretty well, and it was an interesting sociological study akin to “seeing yourself the way the world sees you.”  No wonder I never knew about Quakers, no significant impact in media was really made until the time of Six Feet Under (several episodes featured a Quaker in a morally ambiguous situation).

Today, I discovered a free B-movie website and found, lo and behold, at number one in the Western genre–“Angel and the Badman”!  Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Angel and the Badman (and other Quaker movies)

  1. Hell, until I moved to New England, I thought that Quakers were essentially extinct, like much of the country. Now I am one!

    Funny how life works out.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Driftingfocus. Yeah, I never actually knew any Quakers until I was around 25 or so. I wonder what I would have thought of them if I’d known them earlier during my religiously skeptical early years.

    With the exception of the sixth season of Six Feet Under, they’re still largely portrayed in the media as figures of the “greater good” for others of us to model ourselves after and rarely do we see them as having human failings.

  3. Yeah. Whenever I mention that I’m Quaker to someone, they almost always say something along the lines of “Oh, you people are all sooooo nice.” which, in my experience, is generally true-ish, but we are definitely not some sort of perfect sect of complete do-gooders, either.

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