Passing on…

I’ve had to look up some information on Thai funerals recently (see here and here) due to my wife’s grandmother passing away yesterday. It looks like we’ll be heading to the local temple tomorrow, as she can’t get away from her work to go home, so we’ll have to do it from afar.

Her family will gather at her grandmother’s house this weekend, monks will come by to chant each night for half an hour and the body will be cremated on the fourth day. It’s not a typical “sad” time, but her passing is a real marker for the family. She was much-loved, had several of her kids living nearby, and was very kind to us all.

Not only this has happened, but her grandfather also had to go into the hospital at the same time and he heard about what happened to her since he’s been in. I’m not sure how well that will help him if he’s to recover, so we’re waiting with bated breath to see how things turn out.