The changing face of biking (and the media)

I love my community, especially when the local public radio station does a story on biking around my favorite city. I still remember the days when biking was considered not only perilous, but was considered to be a renegade group by our own mayor.

Now that gas prices are up, the sun is out, and there are over 4,000 members of the SF Bike Coalition, biking is making more headway than ever! Families are joining up and getting bike skills for their kids, road improvements are on the rise (thanks to Prop K) , custom-built bikes are where the top execs are now conducting business instead of the golf course (at least in Silicon Valley), and even cops are getting to understand cyclists better:

One thought on “The changing face of biking (and the media)

  1. Yes, I think it’s great that I’m living here now, bc even though I plan to move back to the east coast, there are definitely tools I’ve learned by living here. The bike coalition is a great example.

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