Visiting ALA Anaheim

On Thursday, I’m heading to ALA in Anaheim to update my overall knowledge of libraries.  I’m particularly interested in Koha, the open source ILS which has been in development for a while.  It seems to have a pretty cool kid-friendly interface.  I’m also attending the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner pre-conference which I hope is going to come off as progressive, rather than a redux of Web 2.0 stuff or an update to Information Power. I’m hoping for some new research, forward-thinking planning and assessment, and not some milquetoast overview of “what all students should be requeired to know.”

Bum knee

So I got this click/pop in my knee a few weeks back and it’s really put the kabosh on most of my forms of exercise–walking and biking, mainly.  Ironically, we had joined a gym just three days before that and I’ve been hesitant to go to learn about all the fancy equipment.

Went to see my primary care physician, but after a few tests, some questions, he said, basically, “You’re getting older–more clicks and pops.”  Hmmm….