New face of journalism

While I’m not a believer that news corps will go the way of the stone tablet, smaller, more nimble sites have become actual players in the news media landscape, as reported in the Times today.  I’m a big fan of the cheaper, semi-pro work being done, but am still looking for a local SF replacement for, which used to be my go-to alternative site to the SFBG.  Now it seems like mostly just blogs, as opposed to an operation like VoiceOfSanDiego.

Best quote?:

“Information is now a public service as much as it’s a commodity,” {local businessman Buzz Woolley}
said. “It should be thought of the same way as education, health care.
It’s one of the things you need to operate a civil society, and the
market isn’t doing it very well.”

4 thoughts on “New face of journalism

  1. Paranoid? You? Informed, I’d say. Would you consider spilling the beans on “the paper of record”?

    I must say that after watching the NY Times get into bed with MSNBC, I’m concerned about my own media bubble that I’ve put myself into. Any help with this, Jenny?

  2. hello there. I’d like to direct you to, which I run. I think it’s a resonably good substitute for, which I used to edit and run, before a parting of the ways led to me starting up Suspects.

    I hope it fits your needs. and I love the pic of your cat’s eyes.


    Alex Clemens

  3. well, there is this hubub in the news community about how news agencies are evil (because they are now successful, more successful than newspapers because they have a business model based on selling digital content not on selling newspapers). So the current trend is toward articles supporting the smallest of small journalists, even though, in reality, unless they are digital only, their business model is crap and they will go under soon.

    Unrelatedly, I think it’s sort of sad that the NYT keeps doing this “rah rah for newspapers! we’re going to live forever!” thing that smaller newspapers totally buy into. The NYT will be there until the end, no doubt, but it’s sort of unfair to lead smaller papers on like that, in my opinion.

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