Loertscher strikes again!

With his new book, The New Learning Commons: Where Learners Win, David Loertscher strikes yet another 21st Century Learner note: learners need to participate in the common spaces libraries provide to become better learners.
     In the new School Library Journal article, Loertscher compares the “old” model of libraries to what is currently happening to the Microsoft model–it is primarily driven by customer feedback delivered to a central agency that then retools its product and sells it back as what the customer wants.  He states that the Google model, with the user at the center of managing what, how, and when the product (information) is managed by the end user with the tools handed over to them for use in how they see fit. 
     What I love most about Loertscher’s work is that it dreams big.  School is an active, engaging place filled with learners who feel empowered by an active, collaborative instructional staff which feeds-back the energy to students and thereby strengthens and builds a greater learning community of empowered and focused minds.  And theory is truly what keeps the eye on the prize for those working in schools and acts to inspire us to go beyond what we see in front of us.
     Fortunately, he’s go a WordPress blog to keep up with how these ideas are developing.