Traveling summer

As I set up for international travel this summer (lots of it), I’m debating how to trim down the load to lug around. Thankfully, we bought a Mac Air last summer, so toting the computer will be a breeze, plus photo processing will be simpler with transferring the pics onto the web for sharing (very important for family relations). Gear-wise, everything is much smaller than ever. Nice.

What I’ll miss the most is the Internet access from the phone. It’s back to paper–maps, directions, checking prices and schedules–and no cell phone calls when you’re lost. Ugh. What would be great is if there were free wifi, which would solve a lot of this. I doubt it will be there, though.

And lots of quiet time, just plain not speaking to people and reading a lot–yeah! Thanks to my language deficiency, I’ll be talking on an as-needed basis–fine by me!