Prius, sooner than we thought but better late than never

Prius So the new car is…a Prius!  It was a lot of compromise, and it’s our first new car ever.  I’d only heard about how challenging dealing with car salespeople can be and it didn’t turn out to be totally false–we were practically ushered into a sale every time we took a spin in a vehicle, but when we were finally serious about purchase, the haggling was pretty merciless.  With a combination of Consumer Reports’ Car Guide (overview of reality), the Internet (for details), and some basic shoe-leather (test-driving), I came up with a ballpark figure for several models and packages to go in with and I think we got away with a good deal for what we wanted.

There were a lot of shocking upgrades to cars that I was surprised at, especially in terms of providing a safe ride: built-in Bluetooth connectivity (we could pair our phone with the car mic-system, plus import our phone address book), automated climate-control, airbags all over the place, ABS and other computer controlled guidance systems for load-balancing in bad driving conditions, and digital key locks, plus a programmable button for our garage door opener (no more fat little dongle that costs $100!).  And, as part of our package, a built-in GPS with audio announcement.  Apparently, a lot of features are voice-activated, plus lots of controls are on on the steering wheel, so your eyes are on the road a lot more often.

Our purchase really erred on the side of caution–a great, long lasting vehicle with lots of features to provide a safe ride.  I think we’ll stay together a long time…