Shooting at your work site

So today there was a shooting at one of my work sites (I have three different ones, but this one is in the southeaset corner of SF in Bayview/Hunters Point). Fortunately, I don’t work there on Tuesdays, but apparently the guy entered the building after firing shots outside. The library is located on the 5th floor, so it’s not as though I would have been in danger, and the cops did show up, but the campus closed at 4:30pm. I’m mostly concerned about my co-workers who were there today. I have to call in tomorrow to see if I’ll be able to go in or not. Man, this sucks.

2 thoughts on “Shooting at your work site

  1. As it turns out, it was during a wake…we share a community building with a community center where the wake was for a local youngster. One of the attenders was apparently outside shooting up a car outside, then came inside with the gun. No one was sure if he intended anything, but the building was evacuated immediately and lots of cops showed up immediately. Yeah, when a guy enters the building with a gun, as Dave Chappelle would say, you know he’s keepin’ it real. Funny, but not.

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