After all the years, dreams, and money I’ve spent on music and djing, I’m finally going to be on KALX, the penultimate indie station for college radio, this Thursday, 2/19, at 9pm. What a ride to get there…

So, when I got to California, nigh on 14 years ago, KALX was the station I most wanted to get a shift on. After djing for 4 years at college, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. I knew Berkeley’s radio station would rank right up there among the other college radio stations, but, heck, this was pre-Internet and college radio was the disperser of cool in a sea of major commercial stations.  I took the tour, applied as a community member, and was quickly rejected.  It didn’t stop me, though, and I actually began writing for their print news publication, and even got tix to see Tori Amos at the Herbst Theater with the press capability to attempt an interview with her–whoa, big time!  Big strike out–no interview, hence no article, and a slow dead end ride with music journalism (until I picked it up again later with Buzznet as a freelancer, and a much more promising career with comics as well as music).

Now, my friend won a slot last year from a contest on KALX and he gave it to me… and it’s a short cycle, but, man I’m in.  Now, what do y’all want to hear with my 60 minutes?

2 thoughts on “KALX!

  1. Well, it went decently; actually, it was quite a rehash of my days 15+ years ago as very little improvements had been made at KALX’s equipment over the years. It still works on a shoestring…

    The time flew by, and it surprised me that I played almost 20 songs in that time, jumping from one to the next. It actually spent my energy just to move from song to song, as, unlike an iPod where you can cue up 100+ songs, the station was still using CD’s and (gasp!) LP’s and you could only cue up around 10 minutes of music on all the players. Not to mention, but you also had to do a “level check” for each cut, so it wasn’t the auto-level that digital devices help you out with. It was work! But I was tired in a good way after an hour.

    One other bummer–no recording of it was made. The only device that would record it (a cassette recorder) was broken. Ah, memories!

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