Ko Chang to Ko Kud? Faith-traveling

Low season in a low-touristed area has been tough. Places open/close at odd times, services are limited to demand.

We’ve had a great time in Ko Chang, visiting a wonderful waterfall yesterday via motorbike. Rain comes and go, but we lounged poolside yesterday ready to escape indoors or have a coffee and read a book by the beach.

We’re looking toward Ko Kud as our next point of visitation, but a lot depends on slow transport there, booking a place, and confirming that it will work. I think there should be a section in bookstores called Faith Traveling–just jumping off and hoping for the best, no complaints.

One thought on “Ko Chang to Ko Kud? Faith-traveling

  1. Oh My! Died and gone to heaven have ya? Paradise is the understatement. After checking out the link to Koh Kud, I returned to our memories of three years ago when the whole family traveled to the islands and we had our meals under the palms right on the beach. The food, the view, the water, all of Da’s friends and family…what a trip! I guess there are no bad resorts based on the photos and prices. Look forward to when we can do this again! Sounds like you are handling your withdrawal from the world of electro-connectivity pretty well. Thanks for all the updates…Love Ya, Dad

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