Weekend away in the country

Going up to the Sierra Friends Center this weekend to get away from it all. Away meaning Grass Valley/Nevada City away. The. Country. It’s time for a good long motorcycle ride along the Sacramento River and on up into the foothills of the Sierras.

I’m not one for getaways–I rarely take them. Usually it’s to visit my family on a week-or-more social call. The escapsim that my friends have, I just don’t seem to have inherited. And not only that, but this will include a retreat-style getaway to a Quaker center, along with other Quaker families. I’m hoping for the best for this first.

2 thoughts on “Weekend away in the country

  1. Chad,

    Robin M. and I were so glad you could make it! It was fun to bump into you as you came into the parking lot.

    Robin tells me that when Silas sees your motorcycle at the school, he says, “That’s Chad’s motorcycle! He let me wear his helmet!”

    — Chris M.

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